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Hitachi battery

Hitachi  battery

Electricity underpins the way we live. Batteries made it possible to have it everywhere, whenever we need it. Beyond their convenience, batteries are also essential for using electricity efficiently and without waste, raising our awareness of the environment and broadening the field of our activities.

Hitachi has built a comprehensive battery business, driven by reliability and the latest technologies that we built in many diverse fields.

Batteries are hard at work in many situations. From things close to people, like cell phones, notebook computers, digital cameras and hybrid cars, to industrial applications like power tools, construction machinery and data communications devices, they are everywhere and are essential for the people's life. Batteries also have important roles when disaster strikes. Operating disaster prevention equipment, supplying power in places with no power sources, and backing up power supplies to computers and medical equipment, batteries support people's lives in places where one see them, and behind the scenes.

The Hitachi Group has built up a strong record in its battery business across many fields, in consumer, automotive, industrial and other applications. Batteries can be primary cells, which are only used once, or secondary cells, which are rechargeable for repeated use, and each type is used for the applications that suit it. In secondary cells, which have become a prominent technology, the Hitachi Group offers lead acid batteries, which have a long history, and the latest lithium ion battery technology. Lead acid batteries enhance the performance of applications such as car batteries and wind power generation, promoting the efficient use of energy. In the lithium ion battery field, we mass produce batteries for hybrid buses and trucks, and we are developing fourth-generation lithium ion batteries that delivery 4,500W/kg, the world's highest level of output.

Lithium ion batteries, which use the latest technology to achieve high energy density in small, light cells, deliver their best performance when backed by advanced control technologies. Hitachi has that technology. We also have a wealth of experience in the systems field, for home appliances, cars, trains, construction machinery, and other applications.

By combining batteries with our systems technology, we can propose the optimum ways to use batteries in each field. Beyond making batteries, we work on all aspects of battery-related business, from selection of materials through design and manufacturing, to system solutions, meeting diverse needs with business ideas. That is Hitachi's Battery Business. It is expected that the batteries will serve the society in fields broader than one can imagine, in terms of time, place, applications, and more. Besides the latest lithium ion batteries, Hitachi develops solutions using technologies such as lead acid batteries, which are widely used in industries and the renewable energy power generation, helping to realize a sustainable society.

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