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Growatt inverter

Growatt inverter

Growatt focuses on the new energy industry, especially the development of photovoltaic power generation system. With anoutstanding team of nearly 10 years' experience in photovoltaic power generation, Growatt has finished the design and manufacture of the world's leading commercial and residential inverter, at the same time being praised by professional customers from Europe,Australia, and America within one year. Grasping the current solar technology trends and following the market demands, Growatt isnow rapidly growing as one of the world's leading photovoltaic inverter manufacturers.

With our continuously strengthening R&D team about more than 60 advanced R&D engineers, Growatt's products maintain competitive advantages. According to customer's requirements, Growatt inverter can be applied in all kinds of residential and commercial power system with its easy system configuration. Especially the Growatt 1.5 KW to 5KW inverter, it is light-weighted and very easy for installation, which can be monitored wirelessly by Bluetooth. Our 10KW to 20KW three-phase inverter is functioned with reactive power compensation, which can also participate in the intelligent grid management. As one of the representatives of high-efficient inverter, our product greatly reduces the total investment cost of the PV system, while greatly decreasing the investment payback time.

Sustainable and stable technological innovation is the basic principle for the product research and development of Growatt. Under thestrict quality control system, we have also reduced 35% of the cost by technical innovation, accelerating the coming era of low-cost photovoltaic power plant. With our flexible product range and short lead time, we can rapidly response to all kinds of customer demands.Growatt, this young but innovative team, is developing quickly in the new energy fields, who will definitely bring total new ideas and vitality to the PV industry.

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