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Spellman Supply

Spellman Supply

The essence of every successful high voltage power supply is the right design and execution for the required application. This starts with gaining a complete understanding of our customers unique high voltage requirements. Spellman's quality policy sums it up quite simply, "To understand and provide what our customers need". Developing a good technical rapport with our customers is the essential first step in our design process. Doing this is crucial in obtaining a clear common definition of the requirements a new power supply must meet.

Spellman has expertise in a variety of insulation systems. Instead of focusing on just one insulation system, Spellman has developed skills in all methods of high voltage insulation technology. These skills allow us to select and develop the "right" high voltage packaging design for your particular application; whether it be dielectric insulating oil, air, silicone and epoxy encapsulants or even sulfur hexafluoride(SF6)

Customer control and interface circuitry requirements can benefit from our extensive digital design capability. Spellman's Digital Design and Software Engineering Group are staffed by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of specialized digital design and software engineer who are well versed in FPGA and PLD designs. Industry standard interfaces like: RS232, IEEE, Ethernet and USB can be provided. We utilize a variety of microprocessor, microcontroller, DSP development and design tools. Spellman installed a surface mount PCB assembly machine at our main factory to support this growing digital design trend. We're committed to provide our customers with the control and functionality features they demand in a high voltage power supply.

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