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E3600 Series

E3600 Series

Affordable, full-featured benchtop power supplies provide excellent performance and flexibility A whole family of low-cost power supplies to meet your needs

The E3600 Series of low-cost benchtop power supplies give you the performance of system power supplies at a decent price. All E3600 family members provide clean power with excellent regulation and a fast transient response. The E3600 Series single-output non-programmable models are described on this page. Refer to page 3 for information on dual-output and triple-output nonprogrammable models.

Single-output models

All E3600 Series single-output non-programmable power supplies feature separate digital-panel meters for monitoring voltage and current simultaneously, giving you precise reading and control capability. All models also feature 10-turn potentiometers for accurate adjustment of voltage and current output settings. With 0.01 percent load and line regulation, these instruments keep the output steady when power line and load changes occur. The low normal mode noise specification of less than 200 μVrms ensures clean power for precision circuitry. In all single-output models, either the positive or negative terminal can be connected to ground, providing a positive or negative voltage output. Outputs can also be floated up to 240 V from ground. These instruments also feature adjustable current limits, letting you set the safest current limit without having to short the output.

E3610A, E3611A, and E3612A single-output, dual range models

These popular 30-watt bench supplies are designed for general laboratory use. The constant-voltage, constant-current output allows operation as either a voltage or current source. The changeover occurs automatically, based on the load. Each of these models has two ranges, allowing more current at a lower voltage. For higher output voltages, supplies can be connected in series. These models also feature overload protection. A continuously acting constant current circuit protects the power supply against all overloads including a direct short placed across the terminals in a constant voltage operation.

E3614A, E3615A, E3616A and E3617A models feature

overvoltage protection, remote sensing and remote programming These flexible 60-watt, single-range power supplies can be used as either voltage or current sources. When the output terminal voltage increases to a preset shut-down level, an overvoltage protection circuit disables the output to protect the device under test (DUT) for damage. The

overvoltage protection feature can be easily monitored and adjusted from the front panel. Using the remote sensing capability, these instruments automatically compensate for voltage drop in the load leads, so you obtain an accurate voltage at the DUT. Using the remote analog voltage programming capability, these instruments can remotely vary the voltage, so you are able to control the regulation output voltage or current. You can combine multiple units in auto-parallel, auto-series and autotracking configurations for greater output voltage or current capacity. Front and rear output terminals allow for a flexible configuration. The output voltage and current can be controlled with external 0% to 10% volt analog voltage or variable resistance

Ahilent Powe Supply E3600 series E3610A 30W, 8V, 3A or 15V, 2A
Ahilent Powe Supply E3600 series E3610A 30W, 8V, 3A or 15V, 2A
Key Features & Specifications Output Ratings (Maximum current is derated 1% per °C between 40° to 55°C) Range 1: 0 to 8 V, 0 to 3 A Range 2: 0 to 15 V, 0 to 2 A Power (max): 30 W Ripple & Noise from 20 Hz to 20 MHz Voltage rms: 200 µV Peak-to-