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TPL Series

TPL Series

Maintenance free

Gas generated by electrolysis of water during overcharge is recombined on the negative electrode and reformed into electrolyte. With this construction, it is not necessary to add water.

Highly reliable long-life sealed lead-acid battery

A combination of a plate grid of lead-calcium-tin alloy, is an excellent active material, a newly developed separator and electrolyte has achieved low self-discharge rate in obtaining a 12-year life.

Superior high-rate discharge characteristics

Adopted a newly developed separator. Less internal resistance than in conventional types with superior high-rate discharge characteristics.

Small and economical battery

Adopted new raw material and design. No maintenance (no water addition or measurements of specific gravity) is necessary. In addition, no equalizing charge is necessary. It can overlap installation to reduce 40~50% installation space, save 50% installation time and cut down maintenance costs.


Electrolyte is retained securely within the plates and separators without any fluidized liquid. Gas caused by overcharge is recombined on the plate and will not be discharged to the outside in normal condition. If excessive gas is generated causing the internal pressure of the battery to rise, the battery has a safety valve, which releases gas to the outside, and the gas filter incorporated, therefore, safety is ensured.

Parallel combination

Each battery can be put together in parallel combinations. It can load the capacity and strength of all battery combinations to obtain maximum current to meet customer's request.

CSB Battery TPL series TPL121500A
CSB Battery TPL series TPL121500A
TPL121500A 12 V 150.0Ah TPL 121500A is a general purpose battery up to 12 years expected life under normal float charge. As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable,&nbs
CSB Battery  TPL series TPL121350A
CSB Battery TPL series TPL121350A
TPL121350A 12 V 135.0Ah TPL 121350A is a front terminal battery up to 12 years expected life under normal float charge.As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable,highly 
CSB Battery  TPL series TPL121250A
CSB Battery TPL series TPL121250A
TPL121250A 12 V 125.0Ah TPL 121250A is a front terminal battery up to 12 years expected life under normal float charge.As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable,highly 
CSB Battery  TPL series TPL121000
CSB Battery TPL series TPL121000
TPL121000 12 V 100.0Ah TPL 121000 is a front terminal battery up to 12 years expected life under normal float charge.As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable,highly e
CSB Battery   TPL series   TPL12900
CSB Battery TPL series TPL12900
TPL12900 12 V 90.0Ah TPL 12900 is a front terminal battery up to 12 years expected life under normal float charge.As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable,highly effi
CSB Battery  TPL series  TPL12800
CSB Battery TPL series TPL12800
 TPL12800 12 V 80.0Ah TPL 12800 is a front terminal battery up to 12 years expected life under normal float charge.As with all CSB batteries, all are rechargeable,highly&nbs