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Hyundai inverter

Hyundai inverter

Hyundai Corporation is a global leader in international trade & services for products ranging from Automobiles, Electrical products & Electronics, Machinery, Steel, Ships, Plants, Chemicals, to a wide variety of general merchandise. The company has extensive trade experience , solid financing expertise and an exceptional ability to utilize the latest information through a global network of 30 offices worldwide. Hyundai Corporation is currently focusing on business domain diversification and business structure improvement in areas ranging from Hi-Tech LCD, PDP and several other high end products to the domestic distribution business. Hyundai Corporation, a global business organiser, is fueled by the expertise of its value-based, customer satisfaction and talent-oriented management.

The company pursues constant challenge and persistent innovation by creating new value, reinforcing competitiveness in trading and natural resources development, and overseeing the creation and successful implementation of new businesses. Hyundai has a sales network extending to 193 countries. In recent years, Hyundai has moved beyond Korean shores to establish its manufacturing presence in USA, China, India, and Europe in order to be closer to their customers. Today, Hyundai technology is renowned for its high quality and outstanding value. Hyundai Corporation is strongly focused on its role as an industry leader, and is duly proud of its top rank and unmatched professional caliber.

Combining its numerous worldwide offices and prompt and extensive information gathering capability with advanced trading techniques and financing ability, Hyundai Corporation provides optimum solution to its customers' various requirements. For the Indian market, Hyundai now introduces high-end power products, comprising of Inverters, UPS systems, Deep Cycle & VRLA Batteries. Your appliances will surely love them.

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