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Blue Top serires

Blue Top serires

OPTIMA® BlueTop®


Starting and dual purpose (starting and deep cycling) models available.

Lasts up to 2 times longer than other batteries.

More power in the intial 1, 2, 5, and 10 seconds of the starting process than comparably rated conventional lead acid batteries.

Constant performance quality keeping your battery running at the same level even as it's being discharged.

Ideal for seasonal use, fully charged, it can sit unused for up to 12 months at room temperature (or below) and still provide the power necessary to start your boat's engine.

15 times more resistant to vibration than other batteries.

Nonspillable with complete fitment flexibility; can mount in almost any position. Some days, endurance is more important than luck The OPTIMA® BlueTop battery will keep you on the water longer. Its patented SPIRALCELL® Technology means more running time, faster recharge, and up to twice the life of traditional marine batteries.

Vibration Resistant

The OPTIMA® is over 15 times more resistant to vibration than other batteries. The constant vibration and jarring from waves can be deadly for traditional marine batteries. The tightly wound construction in OPTIMA® batteries minimises plate movement and subsequent damage caused by harsh conditions - extending battery life. Completely spill-proof/Maintenance Free

The OPTIMA® is spill-proof and maintenance free and due to its completely sealed case, OPTIMA® batteries are extremely safe. Acid can't leak or spill, making them clean, user-friendly and environmentally sound. In addition, the maintenance free sealed case design eliminates the need to add water or clean terminals. OPTIMA® BlueTop batteries are spill proof, so they can be mounted anywhere inside a boat and in almost any position.

Retains Charge Longer / Recharges Faster In the off-season, sometimes marine batteries sit for months at a time and lose their charge. But the OPTIMA® BlueTop battery has such a low rate of self-discharge, that it can go unused for up to one year without recharging, if kept at or below room temperature. And because of its low internal resistance, it recharges faster, getting you back on the water quickly

What is the Difference?

OPTIMA® offers three battery models for your marine and R/V needs: the BT SLI 4.2, BT DC 4.2 and BT DC 5.5.

BlueTop Deep CycleOPTIMA's BT DC 4.2 and BT DC 5.5 BlueTop batteries are dual-purpose batteries. They can be used in any deep cycle (marine accessory, house applications, trolling motor, bow thrusters) or starting applications.

BlueTop SLI (Starting, Lightning & Ignition)OPTIMA's BT SLI 4.2 BlueTop battery is a starting battery. Although you can use a deep cycle battery in any application, starting batteries can only be used for starting applications.

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